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Amalfi Coast

Walking Holidays on the Amalfi Coast Walking Holidays on the Amalfi Coast Walking Holidays on the Amalfi Coast

Walking Holidays on the Amalfi Coast

The legend goes that Hercules loved a nymph called Amalfi and sought the most beautiful place in the world to immortalize her. The alluring coastline of Italy's fit the bill and was named accordingly. 

Take a spring early summer or autumn walk in the Mezzogiorno –“The land of the midday sun” ‑ along Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast. A land where the mountains, marquis pastures, lemon groves, vineyards and villages meet the sea. A place where you could be strolling on a rugged trail for one moment and then in the next be winding down through a citrus grove then through a pleasant village towards the blue waters of the Mediterranean, gelati in hand. 


The Amalfi Coast is a deeply romantic place; there is a huge industry here of young couples coming from abroad, getting married at the picturesque churches and then honeymooning in the villages, and for good reason; here you will find that golden light making the cliffs glow creamy gold, while the waters below graduate into an aquamarine haze. Then there are the greens of the cliff tops being speckled with the spring flowers and herbs of the Mediterranean “Macchia” shrubland. The towns, villages and towers that cling to the cliffs, can be a riotous mix of vibrant colours and tempered pastel shades. 

Walk along the Amalfi Coast using the extensive web of footpaths and mule tracks that thread along the cliffs and a wealth of natural and cultural treasures can be reached relatively easily. The walking routes pass close to beautiful monasteries, caves and ancient farmhouses, where you can visit nature reserves and ruins of paper mills, whilst enjoying spectacular views during all the walks. You will also have the chance to walk through the historic towns of Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Scala Praiano and Positano, all little pearls set in a fantastic landscape. 

While you are in the region you could extend your stay on the Amalfi Coast with a number of walks on the “Finis Terrae” (Land’s End) of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the marine nature reserve of Punta Campanella, and on the famous island of Capri.

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