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Independent Travel vs. Self-Guided Holidays

Self-Guided Walking Holidays UK Hadrians Wall.


Independent Travel vs. Self-Guided Holidays

As we mentioned in the earlier article ‘Guided vs. Self-Guided Waking Holidays – Which is Best for Me?’ self-guided walking and cycling holidays are constantly growing in popularity and in this article we will look at one of the most common questions we get about our self-guided holidays … ‘Why should I choose to do a self-guided holiday when I could just do everything myself?


To answer that question here are a few reasons that our clients choose a self-guided holiday over going it alone.

  1. Research – You save A LOT of screen time not scouring the internet researching ideas and reading reviews. Our routes and accommodation have been refined through decades to make sure our clients experience the true character of each destination.
  2. Competitive pricing – Travel companies can get a better price than an online aggregator ever will thanks to their volume. Full stop.
  3. Connections – Our self-guided holidays are designed to make sure that your journey flows seamlessly and fits in with the timings of local transport connections and other elements that can leave you waiting around wasting the precious time that you have in each destination. 
  4. Luggage transfers – Having your luggage transferred for you each day literally takes the burden off your back and gives you more energy to enjoy your walk or ride. 
  5. Booking accommodations – Ever tried to book a B&B in a small town on the internet? This can be quite a hassle if English is not the hotel manager’s first language and you need to search for alternatives
  6. Up-to-date and well thought out route notes and maps – These get updated more often than a guide book does and they always benefit from local insights and knowledge.
  7. Emergency Support - If something goes wrong on your trip when travelling by yourself, who are you going to call? Self-guided trips offer 24 hour emergency contacts, which can be the difference between you getting back on the trail in a matter of hours or aborting the trip completely.
  8. Stress - Then there’s that ‘survival mode’ feeling that hangs over your head when you’re going solo. Rather than thinking and worrying about trip logistics all day, isn't it worth treating yourself to a trip where someone else takes on this thankless task, so you can focus on all the amazing reasons you came to the destination in the first place?!

Self-Guided Walking Holidays Italy


We don’t doubt that independent travel has a place and we hope that anyone looking to travel independently finds this site a useful resource, but when seeking out the paths less travelled in more popular parts of the world a self-guided holiday offers the flexibility and freedom of independent travel and benefits of an organised tour.


Our Most Popular Self-Guided Walking and Cycling Holidays

  • Coast to Coast Walk - 18 Days
    The Coast to Coast walk is one of the most popular walks in the UK and offer quintessential English hill walking covering the Lake District, North York Moors and Pennines.

  • Bavaria – King Ludwig’s Way
    Trace the footsteps of King Ludwig across Bavaria's beautiful countryside and visit Neuschwanstein Castle.

  • Exploring La Gomera – 8 Days
    Escape to the Canary Island of La Gomera with a diverse landscape of volcanic rock and secluded beaches.

  • Catalonia Cycling - 9 Days
    Enjoy a self-guided hotel-based road and track cycling holiday, exploring the interior of Catalonia (Catalunya) in the North Eastern reaches of Spain.

  • Turku Archipelago Finland Cycling - 7 Days 
    Explore the Turku Archipelago, one of Finland’s most stunning natural phenomena at handlebar level.
Self-Guided Walking Holidays Bavaria Germany
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