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England’s Coast to Coast Walks Cheat Sheet: A quick guide to choosing your walk Part II

Planning for Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk in England 

Planning for Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk: Cheat Sheet Part II

In the previous cheat sheet for planning a walk on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, we helped you with general information on the trail that included more on the background of the route and different grading of the walk. In this blog article, we wanted to help you with more detailed questions on walking England’s most famous long distance trail.

Read on to find out about the type of accommodation, food, weather conditions, walking pace and how to get there. And as always, if you have specific questions, please do get in touch with our team of travel experts in our London office.


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I Like to Walk in a Group, But I'm Not Sure if I Should Go for the 15 or 18 Day Option?

To make sure you can enjoy your walking holiday in the best way possible, last year we added a second longer, guided walking holiday on the Coast to Coast route. There are now two options to choose from and these are a guided 15-day Coast to Coast Walk or a guided 18-day Coast to Coast Walk. The 15 day itinerary is the classic 13-day walk and the 18 day itinerary breaks up a couple of the longer walking days extending out to 16 days walking.

The 18-day walk departs in May and July and the 15-day walk on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast in June, July, August and September.


Pub break on the Coast to Coast walk in England _ Sherpa Expeditions


Small Group Walking Holidays - England


Can I Start the Coast to Coast Walk in Robin Hood’s Bay Instead?

At Sherpa Expeditions, we typically take the walking route from West to East (St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay). This follows Wainwright’s original description of the walk and is the way all available guidebooks describe the trail. If you follow this direction, it means that you’ll have the wind in your back and towards the end of the day, the sun will not set in your eyes! On all of the Sherpa Expeditions Coast to Coast holidays we follow this direction.


People Say It Rains a Lot in England, What Weather Can I Expect?

The climate of northern England is variable with rainfall occurring throughout the year, although this is much more likely from October to April. If you’ve been to continental Europe, you’ll see the weather is similar to that of countries along the North Sea coast and northern France. The sunniest months in the English Lake District are June, July and August and temperatures between April and October fluctuate between from 4°C (40°F) to 20°C (68°F), although it may be slightly cooler on the higher sections of the trail. 


Walking on the Coast to Coast, England - Sherpa Expeditions


Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk, meals with Sherpa Expeditions


Do I Miss Anything if I Choose a 15-Day Classic Coast to Coast Option?

Besides the classic, 15 day guided or self guided, option to walk the Coast to Coast route, you can choose for a 16, 17, or 18-day version as well. In principle, all of these walking trips follow the same route. This means that whether you choose to walk the classic route or one of the extended versions, you will still take in all the important villages, sights and wonderful nature. When we look at the exact sections of the trip covered, there are minor differences between the routes in that you cover slightly different paths in order to arrive in a village on time.

The main difference between the four durations of the Coast to Coast walk, is the walking pace.


I’m More of a Cycling Person…

Then you’re lucky! Because of the Coast to Coast Walk being such a classic route, it was inevitable that a cycling version would be developed. This cycling route is referred to as the C2C or Sea-to-Sea and covers a slightly different route and embraces different scenery. We are currently working on updating our Coast to Coast cycling holiday to create an itinerary that combines the Cumbria Cycle Way Route and the popular C2C cycle route, offering a superb week’s cycling amidst great scenery. If you like to keep up to date or find out about options to cycle the route already this year, please get in touch with our team for advice.  


What Are the Nearest Airports to the Start and Finish of the Coast to Coast Walk?

For both the start of the Coast to Coast Walk in St Bees and the end in Robin Hood’s Bay, the nearest international airport is Manchester. You can also choose to fly in and out of London. From both airports you can get a train to Carlisle and from there a local train to St Bees (1 hour 15 mins). It’s then a short walk from the train station to your hotel, or you can get a train from Carlisle to Whitehaven, which is a short taxi or bus ride away from St Bees. 

Domestic nearby airports to both St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay are Leeds, Durham, and Newcastle.

At the end of the English walking holiday you will need to take a bus or taxi from Robin Hood’s Bay to Scarborough and then a train to either London or Manchester.


What Type of Accommodation Will I Stay at On the Coast to Coast Walk?

There is limited accommodation on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk due to it being such a popular route and the remoteness of the route. Because of that you will stay at different Bed & Breakfasts, guesthouses, inns or hotels, which are all run by the friendly people of the Lake District and northern England. With the enthusiastic hospitality of the locals, you will feel like staying in a home away from home. There is no 5-star luxury accommodation available on any Coast to Coast walking holiday, but we can help you look at upgrading your accommodation where available if you prefer so. This would then involve short transfers to nearby villages.


English food - Coast to Coast, Sherpa Expeditions


Accommodation on the Coast to Coast walk - Sherpa Expeditions


The English Food, What Can I Expect of My Meals and Will There Be Variety?

Dinners and lunches are not included on our walking holidays on the Coast to Coast route, so you can decide per day what you feel like ordering. Whether it be typical British fish & chips along the coast or a good meat pie after a long day of walking, in the pubs and locally run establishments you’ll be surely taken good care of. And if you feel like international cuisine, there will be Italian, Indian and lots of other restaurants to cater for your needs in the bigger towns such as Grasmere, Kirkby Stephen and Richmond.

So yes, there will be variety, but we definitely advise to enjoy the hearty pies, a proper fish & chips and of course a good roast.


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If you have any other questions or like to have more details related to your specific situation, please do get in touch with our team of travel experts in our London offices. It is our pleasure to assist you in choosing the best walk for you. 


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