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Walk back in time in Tarn & Aveyron

This summer, Sherpa Expeditions team member Katia, visited the medieval towns of France's Tarn & Aveyron. She had an excellent time with good walking conditions and great conversations with her hosts over dinner. In this blog entry, Katia shares some of her experiences with you. 

Walking in Tarn & Aveyron with Sherpa Expeditions

The last couple of years I have been arranging your walking holidays to Tarn & Aveyron (Medieval France: Tarn & Aveyron) from our office in London. This summer I visited some of the charming medieval villages along this walking tour. They are called ‘bastides’, which means fortified towns. And indeed, the towns that I visited are perched on tops of hills and circled by walls, testimony of the religious wars that afflicted the area for centuries. 


From the city walls you can have amazing views of rolling hills and gentle valleys as far as the eye can see. When asked which village on this walking trip was my favourite, I just wouldn’t be able to decide! They are all as beautiful as each other, with their winding cobbled streets, houses with timbered walls of brick stones, and flowers at the windows. Each of them had quaint little squares, dotted with peaceful churches and their blue ceilings. 


Sherpa Expeditions walking from Vaour to Penne in France


Albi and River Tarn on Sherpa Expeditions Walking Holiday in France


Albi, which is an optional extension on the Tarn & Aveyron walking holiday is worth including. Rightly named La Ville Rouge (the Red City), it stands proudly on the banks of the river Tarn. After visiting the amazing fortress cathedral and the Toulouse Lautrec museum, I strolled in the manicured gardens which connect with the fortifications overlooking the river, taking in postcard views of the old bridge and its surroundings at the end of a summer day...   


Below are some of my pictures and if you have any questions on this charming part of my beloved France, do call or send me an email for more information. I’d be happy to talk about our Medieval France: Tarn & Aveyron walking holiday. 


Excellent views when walking in Tarn and Aveyron

View over Tarn & Aveyron region, France

Villages of Tarn and Aveyron, France

Charming French streets in the bastides of Tarn & Aveyron


Restaurant with a view, walking in Tarn & Aveyron, France

Enjoy the view on a break at our Tarn & Averyon walking holiday


Blue ceilings in the churches of Tarn and Averyon on Sherpa's walking holiday

Blue ceilings in the churches of Tarn & Aveyron


The gardens and river Tarn in Abli, France - Sherpa Expeditions walking holidays

The gardens of Palais de la Berbie in Albi, on the extension to our Tarn & Aveyron walking holiday in France


Restaurant in Cordes, Tarn & Averyon, France - Sherpa Expeditions

Dinner in Cordes sur Ciel overlooking the beautiful Tarn & Aveyron countryside

Walking holidays Tarn Aveyron, France

Village life in the Tarn & Aveyron region

River Tarn - Sherpa Expeditions walking holidays in France

The river Tarn on our walking holiday in France

Abbeys and churches in France

The Tarn and Aveyron region is dotted with churches and abbeys

Quaint villages in Tarn and Aveyron on a walking holiday in France

Come across charming villages with cobbled streets and flowers at the windows of traditional French houses.

Interested to learn more? Read this Traveller's Tale on walking in Tarn & Aveyron by Eric Martin & Julie Gardinier or find background information on walking in Tarn & Aveyron here


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