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Amalfi Coast Walking Holidays


The Amalfi Coast is the quintessential Italian holiday with stunning scenery and mouth-watering food. Pastel coloured fishing villages are perched on the staggering cliff side overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea with some outstanding walks to experience this destination. There is no better way to immerse in this jaw dropping Italian coastline than hiking the Amalfi Coast to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site that is meticulously cared after. Take a breather to admire the views, soak in the Italian culture and reward yourself after you’ve been hiking on the Amalfi Coast with a taste of Italy and some of the regions finest foods. The Amalfi Coast is probably where the phrase ‘Bella Vista’ was coined.


An Introduction to Amalfi Coast Hiking

"The legend goes that Hercules loved a nymph called Amalfi and sought the most beautiful place in the world to immortalize her. The alluring coastline of Italy's fit the bill and was named accordingly."

Walk along the Amalfi Coast using the extensive web of footpaths and mule tracks that thread along the cliffs and a wealth of natural and cultural treasures can be reached relatively easily. The walking routes pass close to beautiful monasteries, caves and ancient farmhouses, where you can visit nature reserves and ruins of paper mills, whilst enjoying spectacular views during all the walks. You will also have the chance to walk through the historic towns of Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Scala Praiano and Positano, all little pearls set in a fantastic landscape. 


Best Time of Year to Walk Along Amalfi Coast

There is no doubt that this part of the Italian coast is stunning and great for Amalfi Coast hiking trips year-round. However, in winter the area is very atmospheric as whipping waves hit the shore and many villages close down. As the weather warms up, the Amalfi Coast starts to stir and by spring the flowers bloom. April to June are some of the best months to go walking along the Amalfi Coast before the temperatures hot up and the crowds draw in, but the autumn months can be pleasant for walking too. 

Highlights of Walking on the Amalfi Coast 

The Amalfi Coast is a land where the mountains, marquis pastures, lemon groves, vineyards and villages meet the sea. A place where you could be strolling on a rugged trail for one moment and then in the next be winding down through a citrus grove then through a pleasant village towards the blue waters of the Mediterranean, gelati in hand. This is just one of the pleasures of what an Amalfi Coast hiking trip brings, below are a few more of what we think are highlights of this region of Italy:

  • Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is a sight not to be missed and you can climb it on our Rome and the Amalfi Coast on Foot walking holiday. Peer down this sleeping giant whilst local life is not deterred by its power as they go about their everyday life around it.

  • Ravello

This perfectly presented village sits high up on the coastline and is the epitome of Italian style. Explore its charm and take in some of the region’s best views on a day of walking.

  • Pompeii

Destructed by Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii is an archeologically site that is fascinating to discover and that was in a previous life a sophisticated Roman Town.

  • Praiano

Praiano is a lower-key town that is well worth the visit to walk around and witness daily life in a more rustic and authentic setting.

  • Footpath of Gods

A rewarding coastal hike that is set amongst some of the Amalfi’s interesting scenery of gorges and lush vegetation, that arrives in the hamlet of Nocelle. 


Food and Drink on Amalfi Coast Walks

A foodie’s haven, on our Amalfi Coast hiking holidays there are plenty of culinary delights on hand to keep everyone’s taste-buds happy, from Naples’ world famous pizza, the island of Capri’s signature dish of insalata caprese, and limoncello made from Sorrento’s juiciest lemons. Italians start the day with colazione of a quick expresso and a croissant, and typically have their main meal of the day at pranzo (lunch), followed in the evening by a lighter cena (meal). 


Why Else Visit Amalfi Coast

The summer months of July and August are the most crowded due to the festivals and social events that people flock to enjoy. The glamorous descend on their yachts to enjoy events such as ‘Music On the Rocks’ held in Positano, and ‘Africana’ in Praiano. If you are wanting to explore a quieter enclave then Ischia Island is for you. Not as famous as its sister Capri, but still considered to be an authentic option.


How to Get to Amalfi Coast and Away

Amalfi Coast is typically accessed via Naples, which is served by international and domestic airlines as well as international and national trains including connections from Rome and Salerno. All these connections make it easy to get to the start of your Amalfi Coast hike.


More Information on Walking Amalfi Coast

While you are in the region, you could extend your stay on the Amalfi Coast with a number of walks on the “Finis Terrae” (Land’s End) of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the marine nature reserve of Punta Campanella, and on the famous island of Capri. 


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