Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom Scotland - Walking and Cycling Holidays in the United Kingdom

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Walking & Cycling Holidays in Scotland

Scotland’s magnificent and varied landscape makes for some excellent walking and cycling opportunities and a walking or cycling holiday is one of the best ways of appreciating the country. From the awe-inspiring scenery of the Scottish Highlands, to the green and rolling  lowlands, glens and stunning coastlines, Scotland should be high on the list for any keen walker or cyclist. Sherpa Expeditions offer a number of walking holidays (guided and self-guided) along some of the most famous routes in Scotland, along with some cycling holidays which will get you right to the heart of the Scottish Highlands.


Great Glen Way

This long distance trail was opened in April 2002 and starts at Fort William, crossing the Scottish Highlands to finish in Inverness. En route you will pass by the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, and follow the shores of Loch Ness. After eight days you will reach the northern most city in Scotland, the ‘capital of the Highlands’, Inverness. The forts and castles scattered along the way are witness to Scotland’s turbulent past, from the Iron Age to the Jacobite Rebellion led by Bonnie Prince Charlie who was finally defeated at the Battle of Culloden. Sounds like a walk you would like to undertake? Or, for those who prefer a shorter break, consider our 5-day Highlights of the Great Glen Way, involving Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle and more. Find more information on walking Sherpa Expedition's Great Glen Way now.  


john muir WAY

Follow in the footsteps of John Muir on a route that symbolically connects Helensburgh with Dunbar, birthplace of Scotland's famous son John Muir. The John Muir Way is also known as Scotland's Coast to Coast walking route. Follow a trail that is accessible and varied as you walk along the coast of Scotland, the Scottish rivers and canals, and through forests and historic towns. The trail is fairly new and was established in 2014.

Rob Roy Way

Immerse yourself in the history of Scotland as you travel through glens, along rivers, past mountains & lochs soaking up some of the country's finest scenery. Rob Roy MacGregor became a well-known cattleman at a time when cattle rustling was a commonplace means of earning a living. Defaulting on his loans he became an outlaw and a price was placed on his head. Escaping capture several times turned him into a folk hero and in later life, due to his fame or notoriety, King George gave him a pardon.

The Rob Roy Way is a 128km walk linking Drymen with Pitlochry in Perthshire, which goes through areas that were his old haunts and certainly on routes where the MacGregor clan drove their cattle towards market towns in the area. The route joins paths and tracks through Highland scenery, taking advantage of attractive villages and small towns.

St. Cuthbert's Way

The St Cuthbert’s Way is a 62 mile/100 km trail which links places associated with the life of St Cuthbert as well as a host of Roman and medieval features which reflect the long period of strife this border region has experienced. This beautiful and varied walk culminates in the crossing to Lindisfarne Island along a causeway which is only exposed at low tide. To get ideas for walking the St Cuthbert's Way, have a look at the trips in the bottom of this page.

Cuthbert, who became a saint in the 7th century, was a native of the borders. He began his work at Melrose Abbey, where he eventually became Bishop. When he died, he was buried on Holy Island. He was canonised as a saint eleven years after his death, when his coffin was opened and his remains were found to be perfectly preserved. In his ‘after life’ he enjoyed some excitement when monks moved the coffin to St Cuthbert’s Cave (featured on the walk) to escape Viking raiders.

West Highland Way

Our walking holidays (see below for your options) along the West Highland Way take you into the magnificent countryside of the Highlands of Scotland following most of Scotland’s famous footpath on its course from the south of Loch Lomond to Fort William and Ben Nevis, linking Britain’s largest loch (lake) with its highest mountain. The route is a step back into history, most of the day stages follow the famous droving and military roads that linked the highlands to the Lowlands. Many of the hotels have originated from the droving inns that have operated for centuries and have been described in the travel anecdotes of many famous writers including the Wordsworths and Dr. Johnson.

Self-Guided Cycling Holidays in Scotland

The Scottish Highlands have long been a favoured destination for cyclists keen to experience the mountain peaks, shimmering lochs and pretty glens. Sherpa Expeditions offers two self-guided cycling holidays in Scotland, where you will cycle along backroads, scenic country paths and quiet forest trails with opportunities en route to spot the wildlife such as red deer, stag or golden eagle.



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