Yorkshire Dales Walking Holidays

The Yorkshire Dales are an idyllic pastoral landscape of green valleys criss-crossed by dry-stone walls marking field boundaries. Picturesque villages and hamlets consisting of little more than a pub and post office abound. Old farmhouses and ‘stone barns’ dot the valley sides. Above the Dales are open rolling moorlands rising to 600m (2000 feet) or more.

Walking the Dales is essentially a valley walk, traversing landscapes which are among those best-loved by the English themselves. Of course, for Yorkshire folk, there is absolutely nothing to compare with Yorkshire scenery, and one has to concede that they have a point. The hamlets and farmsteads of the Yorkshire Dales, with their dry-stone walls and outlying stone barns are, frankly, incomparable. If you walk nowhere else in England, walk here. You won’t regret it!


Our Walking Holidays in the YorkshiRe Dales