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Cycling & Walking Holidays in Spain

Traditions of a bygone era are still alive and well in the rustic villages found throughout Spain. Many of the authentic travel experiences are found well away from the major cities and tourist centres. The best way to discover the true essence of these quintessential Spanish experiences is on a cycling or walking holiday. Spain's architectural heritage of many centuries of Moorish (Moroccan) rule is still strong in Andalucia, notably at the Alhambra of Granada and among the flat-roofed white-washed villages and ancient irrigation channels of the Alpujarras. 

The Spanish mainland is blessed with many dramatic walking areas including that of Aragon with its high (Alto) canyon lands and forests, rugged and still remote, Catalonia, with its lively cosmopolitan capital Barcelona and the nearby dramatic rock pinnacles of Monserrat. In Catalonia you can go on an interesting cycling tour through the ancient volcanic ridges of Garrotxa and onward to the lively historical city of Girona. This forms the southern flank of the Pyrenees, which at its eastern end terminates abruptly at the Vermillion Coast on the border with France. If mountains are your thing, then one of our Pyrenees walking holidays will be perfect for you.

In the far south of Spain, the flanks of the Sierra Nevada are the backdrop for a hiking tour in the Alpujarras, an area of undulating walks that has not quite shaken off its Moorish influence after 700 years. An easier walking holiday explores the delights of the little visited Sierra de Aracena in the far south-west.

Part of Spain are the Mediterranean Balearic islands, where there is fine walking in the Sierra Tramontana of Majorca. Enjoy hiking the fantastic mountain and coastal paths, sometimes high above the sea. You will be able to visit Soller, Deia and Valldemosa, full of their own historic and literary associations.

In the Atlantic Ocean are the Spanish sub-tropical Canary Islands including Tenerife and the beautiful volcanic island of La Gomera, which has inspired several of our walkers to revisit its dramatic hillsides.


Spain is a sunnier and drier land than most of the rest of Europe and its climate can be divided in four areas. The best time of year for active holidays varies with them:

  • The Mediterranean: mostly temperate in the eastern and southern part of the country; rainy seasons are spring and autumn. Mild summers with pleasant temperatures.
  • The Interior: Very cold winters (frequent snow in the north) and hot summers.
  • Northern Atlantic coast: precipitations mostly in winter, with mild summers (slightly cold).
  • The Canary Islands: subtropical weather, with mild temperatures (18 °C to 24 °C; 64 °F to 75 °F), which make it excellent for walking holidays throughout the year.



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