Meet Your Walking Guide: Jen Sutton

How did you get into active travel?

Sherpa Expeditions guide Jennifer - walking holidaysI grew up within an ‘airline’ family, moving regularly with my dad’s work. Both my parents had a taste for adventure travel and we had some fabulous, unique trips as a family! I continued to travel in my young adult life and have expanded that love over the years!

Have you been inspired by a traveller or explorer?

I have been inspired by many great travellers, both contemporary and historical, but I greatly admire the first explorers of Canada. Being born and raised on the west coast of Canada, I found the stories of these first adventurers fascinating. Jacques Cartier was a French explorer who led three expeditions to Canada, in 1534, 1535, and 1541. He was essentially looking for the Northwest Passage, but did not find it..

What is it about active travel and adventure travel that fascinates you?

There is a learning process which occurs when you leave the familiarity and comfort of your home environment and venture into the world. I truly believe that the global, broader approach to the world, achieved from active and adventure travel, can make the world a better place.

What do you do to stay fit and active-travel ready?

Fitness is a big priority for me, as I know how much difference it makes on any kind of trip. I’m a runner, swimmer, cyclist and skier and these help me keep in shape.

Has your understanding of yourself changed by working in travel?

Travel has enabled me to prioritise my goals and my approach to life. Often, the simplicity of daily life on the trail or road helps me to balance the pressures we all face in modern life.

What do you think a guided trip can bring travelers?

Your experience is broadened when you share it with others. The learning process increases as you have others around you, and it’s more fun too!

What is your advice for people who are going on a cycling or walking holiday for the first time?

Don’t be put off and think that active holidays are only for the ultra-fit!  If the idea of an active holiday appeals to you then do it!  Set yourself a goal to bring your fitness level up.  The satisfaction you will experience will be worth it!

What are your favourite walking and cycling destinations in the world?

I truly love walking in the UK, the best mapped country in the world! But over the years I’ve fallen in love with trekking in South America, the USA, parts of Asia and Canada of course. Cycling in New Zealand and parts of Italy and Sweden has been fantastic too.

What has been your most memorable travel experience ever?

Difficult question to answer! My first trip to India several years ago leading a group of teenagers was fantastic. It gave me a taste for that diverse, hugely dimensional country and I’ve been dying to return ever since.

If you like to join one of the guided walking holidays that Jen is leading this year, please get in touch with our team by email or phone. 


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