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Guided Walking Holidays in Turkey

Bordering Asia and Europe, Turkey is a natural bridge between the two worlds of the West and the Orient. Turkey boasts amazing diversity in its geography, geology and climate, varying from extremes such as the subtropical forest of the Black Sea coast to the evergreen pine forests of the Mediterranean, snow capped mountains, rolling steppe and rich agricultural valleys. 

Our guided walking holidays in Turkey focus on the the Lycian Coast, including parts of the Lycian Way. The Lycian Way is one of Turkey's most famous walking trails and while the full trail is 500kms long, our Lycian Guided Walk takes in the highlights of the well-marked trail. During a series of guided day walks you will discover sections of the route with well preserved Greek and Roman cities and a Lycian necropolis lost in vegetation. 


Another popular way to explore Turkey's Lycian Coast is on a guided walk and sail holiday, where you walk during the day then retire to the comfort of your Turkish gulet each evening. Our Turkey Walk and Cruise will help you explore the coastline and islands between Marmaris and Fethiye on foot from a comfortable Turkish gulet base.

Our selection of guided walking holidays in Switzerland are led by experienced leaders in small groups, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an experienced guide, whose passion is to bring to life the flora, fauna and history of the regions you travel through. Your guide will work tirelessly to tailor the trip to your interests while ensuring your holiday runs smoothly. Depending on the trip you choose, group sizes will vary from 4 to 14 clients.


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