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Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Italy

Discover the ‘Dolce Vita’ lifestyle on one of our self-guided walking holidays in Italy. Our wide range of affordable, active holidays right across Italy, from the heights of the Dolomites to the colourful meadows of Tuscany and beyond to the rocky and dramatic coastline of Italy's south, feature the perfect blend of both cultural and natural treasures to ensure your Italian experience is as unique as the country itself.

Sherpa Expeditions offers great self-guided walking opportunities in the north of the country. The chiselled limestone peaks of the Dolomites, with the valleys of Cortina, Corvara and the Marmolada glacier draw on mountain walkers who want a change from the Alpine landscape norm. While on the Alpine theme the Apuane Alps in northern Tuscany consist of less intimidating limestone massifs rising up to 2000m, smothered with chestnut forests and speckled with small villages sitting on terraced vineyard and orchard aprons. Alternatively enjoy the delights of the lake land scenery on a self-guided walking holiday to Lake Como or explore Italy's scenic coastline and go for a walking holiday along the Amalfi Coast, charming Cinque Terre villages, or little travelled Cilento region. 


Our self-guided walking holidays are fully flexible which means you can normally start your walk on any day during the season and customise by adding extra days for resting or sightseeing. As you're walking independently, you're free to follow the trail at your own pace. You set your own pace as you are not limited by the constraints of group travel. 


You are free to shorten or lengthen your walk as the terrain permits and can even take a day off, although you may need to travel onto your next accommodation by taxi or public transport in order to do so. As long as you are reasonably active you will be able to find a suitable tour and all of our tours are graded to help you choose the right walk for you.